Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking in. We are planning a  ‘SOFT OPENING’ of our Sunday morning worship services on Aug. 9th & 23rd.

10:30 AM

Please check out our Facebook page for protocols.

We will continue to have worship online. Check out our Facebook page for worship and other support services. 




“If you can find us, you’re welcome to come:)”

3 Locations in Airdrie

Family Life Church SUNDAY  meets at 204 1st Ave (AUC Education Building) at 10 AM and YOU are invited!

Here is the rundown of what happens on Sunday:

  • 9 AM – Set Up Team is on site, stoked and ready to go.

    ( Truth in advertising: Lots of people pitch in. We have a saying… “the first time you come, you’re a guest. Next time you come, you’re family… grab a chair! :))


  • 10 AM – Coffee is served and people catch up with one another.  This is considered part of worship for us… yup… really!

    ( Truth in advertising: We love coffee… we need coffee. Did I say that we love coffee yet?)

  • 10:10 AM – Pastors try to get the attention of people. ( Truth in advertising: Our pastors don’t wear leather pants)

  • 10:15 AM – Pastors manage to get the attention of people. Song leaders and musicians start singing. Kids rhythm band joins in. Our worship is inter-generational. ( Truth in advertising: Our worship is joyful and sometimes chaotic. Sometimes a tech or worship team member stares at the technology like its alien) 

  • 10:40 AM – Children move into their own teaching time with staff pastors. Parents breathe.

    ( Truth in advertising: Perfect parents and perfect kids don’t exist. We are a very relaxed church)

  • 11 AM – One of our pastors speak.  Church is invited to weigh in; ask questions, or share.

    ( Truth in advertising: We try to keep it real)

  • 11:25 – Children run back into worship with their latest piece of fridge art. We eat.

    ( Truth in advertising: We eat a lot… and drink coffee)

  • 11:30 – We tear down; talk; drink more coffee. Go home and live for Jesus and others.

    ( Truth in advertising: We can be a bit of a mess sometimes.. but that’s OK… feels human to us.)

“We can be your new church home.”

(Truth in advertising: We are a lively, messy, & joyful! So, if you & your family are perfect, you won’t fit in. Sorry 🙂


Meets every Wednesday night at 7 – 8:15 PM at Suzanna’s on Main Street.

(Note map)

Here is how it works:

  • 7  PM – Doors Open and coffee is served.

  • 7:10 PM – We sing and share a bit

  • 7: 25 PM – Pastor Val ( our teaching pastor) teaches the Bible in a way that is pretty wonderful and practical. 

  • 8 PM – We pray… commit to mission for the week… clean up… head out!




204 -1 Ave NE, Airdrie

(Held at the AUC Christian Education Building)

Please join us as we experience great connection and ‘comfort food’ (basic home cooking) in a super relaxed environment.

Bring your kids! Bring your adults!

RSVP: [email protected]

Sponsored by Family Life Church & Partners.



If you are interested… here is what we recommend.

Come once and see if your family likes it.

Come a second time and see if you like it.

Come a third time because after you come twice,  you are considered family.

Maybe a conversation with one of the pastors.

More info? [email protected]

Real church! Real people! Real simple!