Airdrie Family Life Centre is committed to alleviating and healing the effects of poverty through Wellness Programs offered in relationship and community.

Join us in Healing & Helping Those in Need

Family Life Centre is the compassion program of Family Life Church & Partnering Agencies  which alleviates the pressures that come with a season of struggle.  We do this by giving food, money and supports.  We then offer ways to heal from the effects of poverty through our Wellness Programs and Skilled Helpers.

We are real people with a desire to enter into real conversations with you about things that matter – real things – like health and aging, healthy lifestyles, family and marital relationships and addiction.  THE NEED IS SO GREAT. Will you join us?

Who are we?

Dr David Skidmore – Executive Director
Email [email protected]

Cathy Wilson, Certified Nutritional Practitioner – Director
Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
Email [email protected]

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