Airdrie Family Life Centre is committed to alleviating and healing the effects of poverty through Wellness Programs offered in relationship and community.

Healing & Helping Those in Need

Family Life Centre is a compassion program of Family Life Church (Inc. 2020) that exists to provide individuals and families with the resources and support needed to optimize physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

We are real people with a desire to enter into real conversations with you about things that matter – real things – like health and aging, healthy lifestyles, family and marital relationships and addiction.

In other words, we are all about keeping it real. We know life can be tough, we have experienced the ups and downs just like you have,  and we have the expertise to support you through tough times and get you back to living and enjoying your best life.

What we do

Family Life Centre provides support to the community through a variety of  food services such as “Meal in a Box”, Fruit and Veg programs and consultation/ counseling programs delivered in groups or one on one, in person or virtually via Zoom and Facebook and via email.

Some examples of what we offer:

  • the Living Well Program : Lifestyle and Nutrition for Optimum Health
  • addictions, relationship, nutrition and lifestyle counselling
  • seminars and webinars
  • workshops
  • classes
  • online and paper resource materials
  • programs and challenges (e.g. 10 day sugar detox)

Who are we?

Dr David Skidmore – Executive Director
Email [email protected]

Cathy Wilson, Certified Nutritional Practitioner – Director
Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
Email [email protected]

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