Family Life Church SUNDAY  meets at 204 1st Ave at 10 AM and YOU are invited!

Family Life CAFE Church meets Wednesdays at 7pm at Suzanna’s Cafe on Main Street (downtown)

“We can be your new church home.”

We are a lively, messy, & joyful!


You may ask, “What is a organic church?”  Well, picture this… it can be a church of 10 people  or 100 people; meeting wherever they can find space such as a house, bar, cafe or outside in a park; with a super relaxed atmosphere; and where they can  belong!

It is about letting community grow naturally and organically. Keeping it simple!

More info…?

 Dr Dave at [email protected]

Children should be SEEN and HEARD! 🙂

Child Friendly Worship

F.L.C. worship includes children in both message and music.  This is a very relaxed church full of young parents & grandparents who understand when parents need a break. We have excellent teams who also work with the church kids in Bible understandings and developing deep relationships.


Christian personal counselors. Revisioning the Family online courses. Marriage Tune Ups. Parenting courses. Addiction counselors.

We are really passionate about getting healthy, happy and holy.

We all need help from time to time.

So what if you have made a few messes along the way?

Just sounds human to us.

No judgement.


Giving space and place to artists & musicians.

Specializing in monologue artistry and especially in helping youth find a voice on social issues.

We have two streams:

  1. Faith Based  Artists

  2. Current Issue Artists

Walking where angels fear to tread.

Check us out on Facebook or Dr Dave's weekly radio show, "ReVisioning the Family" on AM 700, The Light

If you are interested… here is what we recommend.

Come once and see if your family likes it.

Come a second time and see if you like it.

Come a third time because after you come twice,  you are considered family.

Maybe a conversation with one of the pastors.

More info? [email protected]

Real church! Real people! Real simple!