The Open Pantry

Family Life Church is happy to share with you.   Food and other resources are based on donations received weekly and can include:

  • Meals in a Box (feeds 4 people)

  • Ready Made Meals (microwavable)

  • Fresh fruit/ veggie baskets (as available)

Email us. Cathy :[email protected]   or Dave: [email protected]



Family Life Church  meets at 204 1st Ave (AUC Education Building) at 10:30 AM and YOU are invited!

Here are our safety protocols:

Please bring a mask. If you don’t have one, we will provide one for you. We offer hand sanitizer.

You will be invited to sit in our pre-set seats which preserves the 6 foot rule. Families are invited to sit together.

Families with children are provided with their own tables in the service and also a box of crafty materials which will be designated for your family only.

Please keep your children with you.

In compliance with AHS, we ask that you wear a mask for the 40 minutes of worship. (You can also ask your doctor for a note which will exempt you.)

Here is the rundown of what happens on Sunday:

9 AM – Set Up Team is on site and ready to go. ( Truth in advertising: Lots of people pitch in. We have a saying… “the first time you come, you’re a guest. Next time you come, you’re family… grab a chair! :))

10:30- 11:15 AM – We bless God through a 40 minute worship time which can include singing, kids rhythm band, videos, a message, stories, Bible readings. Our worship is inter-generational. We invite you to be prayed over if you need healing.

If you need to go, be blessed as you make your way home, or you can stay for the next part of our morning.

11:15 -11:45 AM- We bless God through a 30 minute service time.  If you are staying for this part, you are invited  to join us in compassion service for others.  We set up ‘stations’ which create food hampers, encouragement note writing, coloring gifts from children to those who are shut in, and much more.  

12 NOON – (POSTPONED) We bless God through a church sponsored  Friendship Meal in which we invite people of Airdrie.  Largely a potluck in nature.  We all eat together for 40 minutes or so; then pack up what’s left and invite people to take it home.

 12:45- We tear down. Go home and live for Jesus and others. ( Truth in advertising: None of the above ever comes off perfectly and according to plan. We can be a bit of a mess sometimes.. but that’s OK… feels human to us.)

“We can be your new church family.”

(Truth in advertising: We are a lively, messy, & joyful!)


Sunday Mornings at 10:30 AM

(It will be RECORDED for you to watch later)

Check out our Facebook page for worship and other support services.


Online Church Pastor: Rev Mitch Brower

[email protected]


Starting in 2021.

Join our church family at noon every Sunday.

204 -1 Ave NE, Airdrie

(Held at the AUC Christian Education Building)

Please join us as we experience great connection and ‘comfort food’ (basic home cooking) in a super relaxed environment.

Bring your kids! Bring your adults!

RSVP: [email protected] or [email protected]

The Good News of Jesus shown in Practical Ways!


If you are interested… here is what we recommend.

Come once and see if your family likes it.

Come a second time and see if you like it.

Come a third time because after you come twice,  you are considered family.

Maybe a conversation with one of the pastors.

More info? [email protected]

Real church! Real people! Real simple!