You Found Us!

We welcome you!

Family Life Church is happy to open our doors and hearts to you.

Sundays  10:30 – 11:30


Want to Help and Feed People?

Airdrie has hungry people. Help us feed them!

Worship with us!

Family Life Church meets at 204 1st Ave (AUC Education Building) at 10:30 AM and YOU are invited!

Want to know more? Please keep scrolling down.

We are pretty uncomplicated because none of us need any more complications in our lives. Real people. Real church. Real simple.



Want to act up?

We are looking for actors, directors and writers.

Want to be a better leader in your home, church or career?

We can help you become a leader, in business, the church or your home. We also specialize in helping you become an effective public speaker.

Need some change?

Life boring? Join us as we "venture and experience" at home and around the world! Email us at [email protected] for your next event.

Intergenerational Worship and Church Family Gatherings

We like to have kids with us in worship and church family activities!


If you are interested… here is what we recommend.

Come once and see if your family likes it.

Come a second time and see if you like it.

Come a third time because after you come twice,  you are considered family.

Maybe a conversation with one of the pastors.

More info? [email protected]

Real church! Real people! Real simple!