Preaching and Teaching the Good News of Jesus

Family Life Church SUNDAY  meets at 204 1st Ave (AUC Education Building) at 10:30 AM and YOU are invited!

Here are our safety protocols:

  • Please bring a mask. If you don’t have one, we will provide one for you.

  • When you arrive, you will be met at the door by one of our pastors.

  • We offer hand sanitizer and ask if you are showing any symptoms of Covid 19.

  • You will be introduced to our Administrator who will take down your contact information.

  • You will be invited to sit in our pre-set seats which preserves the 6 foot rule. Families are invited to sit together.

  • Families with children are provided with their own tables in the service and also a box of crafty materials which will be designated for your family only.

  • Please keep your children with you. We have modified the service to about 45 minutes with activities and ways of including your children so that they are not bored.

  • If you have to move around or go to the washroom, we ask that you wear the mask; however, when you are sitting you don’t have to wear the mask.

Here is the rundown of what happens on Sunday:

  • 9 AM – Set Up Team is on site, stoked and ready to go. ( Truth in advertising: Lots of people pitch in. We have a saying… “the first time you come, you’re a guest. Next time you come, you’re family… grab a chair! :))

  • 10:10 AM – People give air hugs & catch up with one another.  

  • 10:25 AM – Pastors try to get the attention of people. ( Truth in advertising: This church acts like one big family)

  • 10:30 AM – Pastors manage to get the attention of people. Song leaders and musicians start the singing. Kids rhythm band joins in. Our worship is inter-generational. ( Truth in advertising: Our worship is joyful and sometimes chaotic. Sometimes a tech or worship team member stares at the technology like its alien technology) 

  • 10:45 AM – Children move into their  teaching time with staff pastors. Parents breathe. ( Truth in advertising: Perfect parents and perfect kids don’t exist. We are a very relaxed church)

  • 11 AM – One of our pastors speak.  Children are made part of the sermon. ( Truth in advertising: We try to keep it real)

  • 11:15- We start to wrap up. Give our air hugs again.  

  • 11:30 – We tear down; talk; drink more coffee. Go home and live for Jesus and others. ( Truth in advertising: We can be a bit of a mess sometimes.. but that’s OK… feels human to us.)

“We can be your new church family.”

(Truth in advertising: We are a lively, messy, & joyful! So, if you & your family are OK with not being perfect, you’ll fit in! 🙂


Sunday Mornings at 10:30 AM

(It will be RECORDED for you to watch later)

Check out our Facebook page for worship and other support services.


Online Church Pastor: Rev Mitch Brower

[email protected]




204 -1 Ave NE, Airdrie

(Held at the AUC Christian Education Building)

Please join us as we experience great connection and ‘comfort food’ (basic home cooking) in a super relaxed environment.

Bring your kids! Bring your adults!

RSVP: [email protected] or [email protected]

The Good News of Jesus shown in Practical Ways!


If you are interested… here is what we recommend.

Come once and see if your family likes it.

Come a second time and see if you like it.

Come a third time because after you come twice,  you are considered family.

Maybe a conversation with one of the pastors.

More info? [email protected]

Real church! Real people! Real simple!